Accuracy of Contact Information

It is very important that the MUSICIANS DIRECTORY be as accurate and current as possible in its members’ contact information.  Therefore, each member will be required to update and/or confirm contact information on an annual basis.  If this confirmation is not provided within 30 days of the member’s membership anniversary date, the member’s page will go dark.  If the member’s page remains dark for 30 days, the member’s page will be removed from the MUSICIANS DIRECTORY, and membership will be canceled.  The former member may sign up again for membership at any time.

Contact Information Required

The MUSICIANS DIRECTORY aims to centralize accurate contact information for the music community.  Each member is REQUIRED to provide at least one form of contact information by which other members, and the public, may reach them. In some instances, the member may work at numerous institutions, which provide email addresses, but only check one or two sources of communication.  The intent of the MUSICIANS DIRECTORY is to capture the email address, phone number (or social media link) most used by the member, so that others can be assured of reaching the member.

Founding Member Status

Members with “Founding Member Status” will receive benefits at the highest available level for the monthly fee quoted at the time that the Member became a “Founding Member.”  This agreement applies in perpetuity, as long as the Member retains membership.  If the Member cancels membership, that will be considered a complete separation from membership in the MUSICIANS DIRECTORY.  Any subsequent membership will be under the same agreement as that of non-founding members.

Membership Cancellation

Cancellation by the member may occur at any time, which will result in the member’s page going dark.  However, there will be no refund of fees if the member cancels before the end of a term purchased at the time of sign-up.  The member may sign up again at any time, provided there are no reasons for permanent separation deemed by Anahata Music Project staff.

Reasons for Removal from Membership

Member pages will be periodically monitored by ANAHATA Music Project staff.  Members may be removed from membership in the MUSICIANS DIRECTORY for the following reasons:  failure to confirm current contact information; failure to abide by payment arrangements as agreed to upon membership sign-up; or illegitimate use of the member page, such as ranting about political, social, ethical or professional issues; use of profane or lewd language; links to profane or lewd websites; stalking (cyber or otherwise) of other members; maligning other members or anyone else in the community; proselytizing (statements of faith and other positive expressions are welcome); or any other issue deemed by Anahata Music Project staff to be unacceptable.

Website Service Interruption

The MUSICIANS DIRECTORY is maintained round the clock by a highly competent web design company.  That said, in the event of interruption of service, there would not be an automatic refund of fees to members.  Refunds will be determined after the interruption of service is resolved, according to the length of time, and to what degree, that members are inconvenienced.

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