Why doesn’t the Musicians Directory allow for reviews?

Last week, I was discussing the business model of the Anahata Musicians Directory with some other business professionals. I sometimes use Angie’s List as a familiar example of the type of online resource I have created. Once they get their heads around that, I begin to describe how the Musicians Directory is similar or different from Angie’s List. One of the big differences is that I created this website without the opportunity for the public to submit reviews of member musicians. When I said this, my colleague exclaimed, “Really?!” and seemed to be rather incredulous. I replied, “Yep, really!” with a smile.

Here are a few reasons for my decision:

1) Unlike the situation with Angie’s List, wherein its members can often make adjustments or improvements to services that were initially unacceptable to their customers, musicians are unable to do this. Once a musician has performed, the occasion is done and overwith. There is no going back for a second “take.” There is no way for the musician to improve the service. The only “adjustment” available to the musician would have to do with the fee that the customer paid. I do not want the Musicians Directory to be an aid in revoking pay to a musician.

2) I do not want to give my member musicians any reason to cringe when they go into their Musicians Directory! This resource is intended and designed to be a positive and constructive influence in the lives of music people, and the public. The Musicians Directory is meant to encourage and inspire collaboration, mentorship, and connection within the community. I in no way want to create a situation where musicians are pitted against each other, competing for better ratings. There is enough of that in the audition world. It will not be cultivated here.

3) Many of us are aware that a single negative review can be devastating to a business, such as those listed in Angie’s List. How much worse that likely would be for the reputation of an individual musician! My desire, as owner and creator of this Directory, is for musicians to enjoy the process of developing and evolving as artists. (That is why I give members the opportunity to flesh out their artistic and teaching philosophies — and to edit them, as they go along.) Sometimes, that means experiencing a “dud” of a gig, here and there. We all know that is part of the growth process. I want my members to have the freedom and comfort to do this.
So, that is a bit of insight into the creation of this resource for musicians. Yes, it is designed to be a directory, first and foremost. But it is also designed to promote kindness, community, and connection in a stressful and competitive world that can be so very unkind, segmented, and isolated.
Be well, and at peace,


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