Today is Wednesday.  This past Saturday, I received an email from a music colleague, asking whether I had a phone number for another music colleague.  I didn’t.  So, here is what transpired before this problem was resolved.  I’ll call the first person Colleague 1, and the one being sought after, Colleague 2.  [If you’re in a hurry, click here for summary.]

  • I read the email from Colleague 1 at 2:00 pm Saturday.
  • I immediately go to Facebook to find Colleague 2, and send a private message. In my message, I ask her if I could have her phone number to pass along to Colleague 1, or if she preferred, she could call Colleague 1, herself at…
  • …I must interrupt myself to go to my phone contacts for the phone numbers of Colleague 1 to type into my Facebook private message…
  • …I go back to my Facebook private message to complete it with Colleague 1’s phone numbers. (It’s worth it to me to provide Colleague 2 with Colleague 1’s phone numbers, because it would eliminate me from the process, from here on out.)
  • I hear nothing from either colleague.
  • I see Colleague 1 the next day, which is Sunday, and ask whether he made contact with Colleague 2. Answer:
  • I come home, and several hours later, Colleague 2 sends me a Facebook private message with her phone number, and tells me to go ahead and forward this to Colleague 1. (I am pulled back into the process.)
  • I send Colleague 1 and email with Colleague 2’s phone number.
  • I hear nothing from either colleague to confirm they connected.
  • Today is Wednesday, and I have just now emailed Colleague 1, asking whether he ever connected with Colleague 2.

Up to today, this innocent request from Colleague 1 has involved five of my days, and some portion of many hours within those five days.  Am I happy to do it?  Of course!  But am I convinced this is the best way to find musicians?  Absolutely not!

The MUSICIANS DIRECTORY is created to save precious time and focus for everyone.  With its potential to capture the contact information of every musician within a community, anyone can go online and find what they need, and whom they need, within seconds.

If you are a musician, I urge you to become a member, now.  And tell all your colleagues, so that they can be found quickly and easily, too!

Wishing you all manner of efficiency and musical inspiration,



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